New Music is in the works!

Hello friends!

It has been a while... thank you so much to those of you who were able to tune in to my Facebook Live concert back at the end of May.  I wanted to celebrate the third anniversary of my first album, "Flourish" and since I couldn't perform for you in person a virtual concert was the next best thing!  If you missed it, or if you would like to watch it again head over to my FB page and check it out!  I would love it if you would follow me there, on Instagram @saramaedafoemusic, and of course right here on my website (you can even join my mailing list!).

Like the rest of the planet, this has been a really weird season for me.  I work as an elementary school music teacher, so needless to say the whole pandemic shut-down definitely has taken a toll.  I am grateful to have stayed healthy and have only gone moderately crazy from spending so much time alone!  

I had gone to visit my amazing producer and dear friend Steve at the beginning of March and we had planned out the basics of my next project.  Then everything shut down, so plans had to be put on hold.  Then in June, we were able to make a plan to gather the band safely in the studio (yay isolated recording rooms!) and we got started!  I will continue to share a bit about this new project right here, but for more details please follow along at and on Instagram @letters_to_ben.  

Stay safe everyone, and keep watching for more!