[Her music] makes you want to see her perform live as it seems like it would be an amazing show. Even just her and a piano. ”


Sara-Mae Dafoe

Singer Songwriter

Prairie girl Sara-Mae Dafoe combines sweet, soothing vocals, heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies in her honest yet uplifting songs about loss, struggle, faith, and ultimately hope.

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Sara-Mae Dafoe is an independent Singer Songwriter from Calgary, Alberta.  Sara-Mae grew up loving music and daydreaming about writing and performing her own songs. Experience as an elementary school music teacher and church worship leader contributed to her development as a musician and performer. A life-long love of creative writing led to a deep appreciation of well-crafted, heartfelt lyrics. 

Difficult to place in one particular genre, her music is a blend of pop, gospel, and folk interwoven with traces of blues, classical and country. As a performer, Sara-Mae is warm and open and her shows have been described as genuine, authentic and refreshing. She weaves stories, songs and her signature quirky sense of humour into each performance.

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"[Letters to Ben] is floating and creates an atmosphere all it's own as the songs come together in a concept record that makes you feel like you've just watched a film.  The record is absolutely addictive and some tracks feel as though you have heard them before on a radio station and it's that familiar sound that makes you feel close to each song."

- www.thesoundswontstop.com

 "What’s striking about Letters to Ben is that Sara-Mae is singing words that could be anyone that has suffered grief and love lost. This isn’t a case of a dark, sad indie girl album...Sara-Mae Dafoe has written an album for the everyday griever."

- www.iamtunedup.com