With a Heavy Heart

July 1st used to be a day of celebration for me.  More often than not, it was the very first day of my summer off as a teacher.  After ten months of work much harder than I ever bargained for…

"Letters to Ben" Available NOW!

I almost can't believe it, but today is my EP release day!  "Letters to Ben" is finally available to stream and download everywhere.  I am mailing out a few dozen CDs to people as soon as I am finished writing…

New Song - "Impossible" Lyric Video!!

Hey friends, 

It is a big, messy, emotional day over here... I can hardly believe that it is release day for my single Impossible".  More thoughts on that in the days to come.  But for is my Lyric Video…

Release of "Letters to Ben" is COMING SOON!!!

Hello Hello!

Somehow it is already the month of June and I am just DAYS away from releasing the first song from my upcoming EP, "Letters to Ben"!  I can hardly believe it!

Here's what you need to know...



Hello March!

I'm sure I am not the only one wondering where the last year went.  March of 2020 was when things really changed here in Canada and it is crazy to think that a whole year has passed.  Time has done…


Happy Birthday to my Christmas Album!!!


I cannot believe that it is already the end of November in the CRAZIEST YEAR EVER!  

Today just happens to be the 2nd birthday of my little Christmas Album, "Unexpected Hallelujah"!!!

I was hoping to celebrate starting last night…


New Music is in the works!

Hello friends!

It has been a while... thank you so much to those of you who were able to tune in to my Facebook Live concert back at the end of May.  I wanted to celebrate the third anniversary of…


I want to know about YOUR music listening habits!

Hey friends!

If you follow me on social media, you may have heard my exciting news....  I am back in the studio working on my next project!  Hooray!!!  I will share some photos and such soon, but for now I…


Checking in... is everyone doing?  For real? Over the last couple of weeks things have changed so drastically.  I am so tired of all the posts about this virus.  I know it is important for people to be informed, but I…


I can't call it Writer's Block...

I did some writing today.  

It has been a while.  Not because I haven't had ideas.  There's no shortage of those.  Is that what we mean when we say "writer's block"?  That we haven't got any ideas?  Or we can't…


Welcome to my new website!

Confession time: I am TERRIBLE at the internet.  Like, so bad.  

If you and I have ever had a conversation about anything internet related, I probably acted like I knew what you were saying, but I was probably faking it.