I have done a TERRIBLE job of blogging lately…haven’t I??

This year I booked speaking engagements at four different teacher’s conventions.  After a whirlwind Christmas season (releasing my Christmas album, cramming a ridiculous amount of performances into less than 4 weeks, and also trying to be a human at Christmas…), I have taken a step back from music and have been focusing on these conventions, and trying to focus on getting some rest.  Today I speak at my last convention for this year.  I really enjoy public speaking and having the opportunity to share some of my teaching expertise.  I am already thinking about next year and looking for even more opportunities to speak!

Preparing for my sessions is something I take very seriously and put a lot of work into.  But…one my sessions are written and ready to go, I’m good.  And this particular session is one I have already presented at other conventions, so I am feeling very well prepared.  So yesterday,  upon arrival at my free hotel room (perks!) I crawled into bed, turned on the cable TV (switching between HGTV and Food Network!) and relaxed.  This morning I have been taking it slow, enjoying my free breakfast (more perks!) and getting ready for my session.  Once I am finished, I plan to stop at a couple places before hitting the road and heading home!

So…here are my top 5 favourite things about being a speaker:

  • Free hotel room nights!!
  • Getting away…even just for 24 hours, and even though I’m not that far from home, and not visiting super amazing, exotic locations…  Something about the little change of scenery is good for me!
  • The strange looks I get when I tell people I am speaking at teacher’s conventions…. why do people always seem surprised by this??  I have been told A THOUSAND TIMES that I look like a teacher, so…??  Why the shock, people??  Hahaha….I love it.
  • Collecting my speaker nametags.  Yup.  It’s true.  I have saved every single one.
  • The chance to use my skills as a teacher and communicator, to share my unique and creative perspective and ideas, to motivate and inspire colleagues, to make people laugh, and to feel like I’m helping someone, even just a little.  That’s right…my favourite part about speaking at conventions is actually speaking at conventions.  Go figure!

How about you?  Have you ever been a speaker or presenter in your line of work?  How do you feel about public speaking?  Any new and exciting topic ideas for me to consider for next year?

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