Friends, I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying…. I am just ONE MONTH AWAY from releasing my second album!!!  How crazy is that?!?!

I have been working hard on all kinds of behind the scenes details that you might not think about if you’ve never independently released an album before. So many things go into making music…not just the music itself.  It isn’t easy, and I have had to really push myself to learn things that do not come so naturally to me.

Now…I have had a number of people ask me what the album will be called and I’ve been pretty tight-lipped about it….until TODAY!!!!  I wanted to give you a glimpse at what my Christmas album will look like….so………… HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!

unexpected hallelujah digital cover

That’s right!  It’s called “Unexpected Hallelujah” and I can’t wait to share the story of that title at my Album Release Party on November 27th.

The cover photo was taken by Ryan Nield of Hear Me Smile Photography at my beloved piano, in my messy living room just a few days after moving.  That’s a good story, too!  And my good friend Michael Valenzuela helped me achieve the look I was going for with his design expertise!

Friends, I am so excited to share my music with you!  Please watch on November 1st, when CD pre-sales and Tickets for the release party will go on sale!

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