Well friends, after spilling the beans to many people over the last few weeks, and dropping some not-so-subtle hints on my social media accounts… it’s time to make it official!

I am RECORDING!!!!!!!!!!!  And just how do I feel about this?????

Photo Shoot #2

Photo by Kristina Nichol Photography…amazing as always!!!

That’s right!  This week I am back in the studio, working on Album #2!!!  In keeping with the general theme of my life, it isn’t quite what I thought it would be, but my mind and heart are just open to what God has for me and what He might drop in my heart.  I am becoming increasingly happy with taking big leaps and to be totally honest… a life without those leaps actually sounds SUUUUPER boring to me now!  Ha!  Who would’ve thought…..

I have been struggling with the writing process for what I thought would be my second album for some time now.  It has been over a year since I released “Flourish” and it was actually exactly 2 years ago that those songs were being written!! Wow. Crazy how the time passes so quickly, and incredible to look at myself and my life now.  I am so immensely grateful.

A few months ago I felt like I was finally getting somewhere with what I thought would be Album #2.  I had zeroed in on my theme and knew what the general message of the album would be.  I started to work on some of the songs and have some really great starts.  But….I just couldn’t seem to get things really moving.  It was very frustrating.

I wondered if maybe I wouldn’t be able to write anything good again….like maybe Flourish was a fluke, or a one-time thing, or like I used up all my skills and talents writing those songs.  Sounds kinda ridiculous, but these are real things that I have wrestled with.

A couple of months ago I was hanging at the studio, just to catch up with my amazing producer and friend Steve.  We had talked previously about the possibility of one day doing a Christmas album.  That idea came up again, and the more we talked it through, the more sense it made.  So……consider this my official announcement….


It’s funny too…once I loosened my death grip on the struggle of writing those other songs, I started to see them in a different light and things are starting to take shape for what will become…ALBUM #3!!!  I know, I know…one thing at a time…

Anyway, follow my social media accounts for recording updates, and feel free to share and spread the word!  I am planning for November release and will give you plenty of info as I go.

Thank you so much as always for all your love and support.  I have told many people about my Christmas album plan and it has been INCREDIBLE to see how excited people are!  Thanks so much…knowing you are in my corner encourages me to keep chasing after my dreams.  Much love!!!



2 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS!!!!!
  1. You are beautiful! So lovely..


  2. Wish you the best. Looking forward to listening to your song. Ps email me @ machtigmoi001@gmail.com


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