Oh, my poor neglected little blog and website.  One of my goals is to do a weekly (gulp) blog post…but not until after I get through a little bit of madness in my life over the next couple of weeks.

If you are not connected to me on Instagram or Facebook (first of all, you should be…. click here to Like and Follow my FB page, and click here to connect with me on Insta!!!!) it is possible that you have not heard my big news….


Every summer there is a HUGE Christian music festival here in Alberta called the No Greater Love Music Festival.  It is a big deal.  Two days of camping, an incredible outdoor stage, and the BIGGEST names in Christian music.  I came across their contest, called “Take the Stage” and decided I may as well give it a shot.  I filmed my videos and entered my submission and kind of forgot about the whole thing.  Hey, life is busy, right??

A few weeks ago I got the “Congratulations you made the top 20” email, which surprised and delighted me and I immediately began posting and spreading the word like a crazy person.  The top 10 were chosen completely by online voting.  And….I made it!!!  I was so very well supported which is INCREDIBLE.  If you were someone who contributed to my success by voting…THANK YOU.

Now, for those of you who are in or around Calgary, I can use your help again.  This time it isn’t voting though….how would you like to enjoy a night of great, live music at an exciting event??  Grab some tickets and I will see you there!!!  I need as many people cheering me on in the crowd as possible!  The panel of judges will be awarding points and one of the categories they consider is our cheering section / audience response to our music.

Now…some of these groups have a LOT of people, which may put me at a slight disadvantage.  But that is ok!  I believe in my people…so if you can come, come ready to scream your face off!!!

Obviously I hope to do well in the competition.  The winner gets an opportunity to perform on the MAIN STAGE at this big festival.  It would be the most amazing experience and could help me to become more connected in the Christian music industry.  But really….I’m just excited to be a part of all the fun, to play with an awesome band, and to get up on the stage.  I just love to sing and to share my songs and I am happy to have a chance to do that.

Let me know in the comments if I will see you there!!!  I can’t wait!!!

Click here to get your tickets!!!

NGL 2018 - 11x17 Poster - black

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