So if we are friends in real life, or if you follow me on social media you may have seen that my trusty old keyboard quit on me right smack in the middle of a bunch of Christmas gigs.  It was a wee bit stressful…though I am thankful it quit before a gig and not during… I had actually been starting to dream about a new piano and making some plans to buy one in the spring or summer.  My plans did NOT include making a huge purchase like that out of the blue and certainly not RIGHT before Christmas.  Sigh.

I was also planning to do a great deal of research and spend time deciding which piano would be just right for me before forking over at least a couple thousand dollars, minimum.  The piano of my dreams costs about $3500.  No jokes.  But, there I was…3 gigs coming up within about 8 days, madness at school, and trying to get everything ready for Christmas.  Time for research?  Nope.

I went to my favorite music store, Long and McQuade and started testing out pianos (I am not a paid spokesperson, but hey….L&M…I’m open…let’s talk…).  My plan was to rent one that I might potentially buy so I could at least try it out, and buy myself a little time before making such a big investment.  The guy helping me told me about one piano that would be on sale on boxing day.  Like….not one model…one single piano.  Only one.  I rented that model to give it a little test drive and determined that I would make sure I was the person to get that one single on-sale piano come the 26th.  This on-sale, used piano was still going to cost me about $2000.

At my gig the next day, I got talking to the organizer and ended up telling her the story of  my poor old piano quitting on me and my plan to get one on boxing day.  A couple minutes later, the young man who was doing sound (and can we just take a moment to appreciate how great it is to play a gig that has a sound guy?!?!  Come on somebody…) said “hey, did I hear you say you’re looking for a piano?”.  He told me that his boss was looking to sell a Roland (the very brand I was planning to buy, though a different model…) and took my contact info to pass along to his boss.

The next day I got a call from the boss, who told me the details of this piano he was selling.  My response was “so…..what’s wrong with it???” because it all sounded a little too good to be true!  Fortunately I had time to drive across the city to this guy’s office to see the piano.  I won’t say I was skeptical, but I was trying to be realistic and not get my hopes up too high.  I was praying on the way there for wisdom and guidance.  Spending this kind of money is not something I take lightly and I think these kinds of decisions are pretty serious.  And not just because of the spending…also because a piano is a VERY BIG DEAL to me!!

Once I’d had some time to noodle around on the piano, I knew this was a CRAZY good deal.  I was a little worried though…this model is quite large (for a digital piano), and VERY heavy.  It also came with a custom flight case (part of what made this SUCH an awesome deal) which is also quite heavy.  If you and I have not met in person…..I am small.  I mean, I am tall…but scrawny!  I wasn’t sure if I could handle this piano all by myself (still not entirely sure about that….I will let you know after my next gig in a week and a half…),  and I drive a TINY little car!  Dave (the boss) helped me carry the case out to my car to see if it could even fit.  And……let’s just say….I will not have any room for passengers on a gig day!  The case just fit…not even a centimeter to spare.  Actually.  But…….it fit!  So I bought the piano!!!

Dave was a really nice man and I enjoyed hearing about the piano’s history.  It was used in a touring gospel group!!  How cool is that?!  It was really neat to sit and talk to him about music and his family, to hear the story of his company, and of this gospel group and then to hand him one of my CDs (along with a big stack of CASH) and say “your piano is moving to a good home….”.

You guys….this happened a couple weeks ago now, but I am totally overcome as I write this story out now.  GOD IS SO GOOD.  I was so stressed out about finding a piano that I could afford.  And really, I felt like I couldn’t afford it, but how exactly is one supposed to be a gigging musician without their primary instrument?  As I explained the situation to a dear friend and told her how I wished I didn’t have to spend all the money that I had miraculously managed to put in my savings account (which I cleaned out making my album….CLEANED IT RIGHT OUT, people…and then some…) she reminded me that the money in that account was God’s provision and His goodness…because it was there!  This is very true…going down to a part-time teaching schedule this school year has also meant going down to part-time pay, so it is a faith-stretching season for me!  I was grateful for the perspective shift.

But…the beautiful thing is that I didn’t even touch that money.  Not a dime.  I spent about HALF of what I was planning to spend.  HALF.  A high-quality digital stage piano, a stand, and a custom flight case (no more of this soft case nonsense!) for half the amount I thought I would have to spend.  Some might call this luck, or chance, or coincidence.  That’s not what this is.  This is PROVISION.  This is God’s FAITHFULNESS.  This is yet another way that my Father has shown me how He cares for every detail of my life.  This, friends….this is favor.  


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