Though I have been back at work (teaching) since last week, and the students started school earlier this week, in some ways today is the beginning of a new adventure for me.

Today is my first “work from home” day.  I need to stop calling it a “day off”, or telling people that I am only working part time this year.  That is not true.  I am only teaching part time, but I am most definitely working full time (or, let’s be honest….more than that).

Back in the spring, right around all the madness of releasing “Flourish” I had a big decision to make regarding my work as a teacher.  You can read more about that here…but the short story is that I have gone from being a full-time Kindergarten teacher for the last 2 years, to being a part-time Music teacher!  It is a HUGE change and this week was very strange and exciting and a little sad, if I am being totally honest.

I have taught elementary school music before.  In fact, it is really how I started my career…with a couple of temporary contracts, and then securing a position teaching Kindergarten half-time, and Music half-time, which is what I did for 9 years.  So while it feels fresh and new, it is also very familiar.  I know what I am doing, but I am looking at being the music teacher with fresh eyes after missing it terribly these past 2 years.

So back in the spring I had to decide some things for this school year.  It was not an easy decision and it required a great deal of time, thought, discussion with people I trust, and of course…a lot of prayer!  Change is always hard.

I felt God’s leading and was at peace when I made the decision to return to music, to leave Kindergarten, and to reduce my teaching load.  I didn’t know why, I didn’t know exactly what I would do with my non-teaching days, and I didn’t know how I would make up the financial difference…and truthfully I still don’t.  This is a faith step for me.  If I knew all the answers and had everything planned out, then it wouldn’t have required any faith!

God has already confirmed this decision multiple times and in multiple ways, through opportunities, provision, connections, and encouragement.  I was doing some reflecting this morning (as I drank my FREE birthday Starbucks, yo….) and became completely overwhelmed with gratitude at God’s goodness!  Tears were streaming down my face (that’s putting it very nicely…I was ugly crying.  We might as well keep it real, here…) as I wrote about the SEVEN opportunities or little doors that He has led me to and opened for me, mostly with my music and with sharing my story.  And this is just over the last week!  SEVEN!!!!

So my new adventure for this school year is that I teach part time, I am an independent musician part time, and I am an eager and grateful child of God FULL TIME…my new adventure is having room, and having the courage to give God my “YES”.

It is also no coincidence that today is my 35th birthday….a number I have dreaded a bit (which is odd for me….I am normally AAAAALLLLLLLLL about birthdays) because my life does not look the way I have wanted it to in some areas.  But, I have chosen to adjust my attitude…looking at things from a different perspective has unlocked a great deal of joy in me over the last couple of days.  I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by the most incredible friends and family, to have a rewarding career that I love, to have gone after a dream and achieved it, and to have nothing but possibility in front of me.

So cheers to the new beginning of Septembers, cheers to new adventures, and Happy Birthday to me!  ; )

Anyone else embarking on a new adventure this year?

3 thoughts on “New Adventures!
  1. Happiest Birthday Ms. Dafoe! We are so fortunate to have had you teach both our boys in kindergarten. Lukas absolutely adored you and Logan misses you dearly. We wish you all the best this year and many more to come.


  2. Very well written!


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