I have a show booked for THIS FRIDAY, JULY 21st 2017 at Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar in Calgary.  It is a really great little venue in Inglewood.  I have never played there before personally, but I have seen other live music and it is a great spot!  I just booked it about 1 week ago, so I have been busy preparing and practicing.

Other than my album release party back at the end of May, I have not played a show like this in a VERY long time……..like…….since March, 2010!!!!  I have played a ton at church (that is completely different) and lots of different things at the school where I teach (also completely different) but have not done my own little show like this in all that time!

I used to gig quite regularly for a couple of years.  I had just started to get into performing live in Saskatoon, where I grew up and went to University.  Then I moved out to Calgary…things were a little rocky for a while and writing and singing took a backseat.  As things got back on track I began writing again and rediscovered my love of singing and sharing my music live.  I had a regular spot that I played (a cute little tea shop near 17th Ave…it’s not there anymore) and a crew of regulars who were so very supportive.

My life took a bit of a turn shortly after that last gig in the spring of 2010 and I didn’t write for years.  I remember actually telling myself that was something that was no longer a part of me.  As my circumstances changed and I began to heal from a very dark number of years, I started to feel that familiar urge to express all that I had experienced in song.  I slowly got back into it…writing some absolutely terrible songs as I adjusted to the writing process again.  Then July, 2016 happened and I wrote an album!

Booking and preparing for this show takes me back to those days when I would play a show about once a month.  I had to dig back through some of the old songs I used to play and decide which ones to bring back for this Friday!  Ha!  Many of them I just can’t sing anymore…it just feels too weird.  But I did find a few… (yes.  I will sing “Dating Disaster”…by popular request…)

I will be sharing some cover songs and some originals, including songs from my new album, Flourish.  I am very excited!  If you are in the Calgary area, I would love to see you there!

Here is a link to the event page!


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