Well…..I did it!  I released an album!!  While I am still waiting for the iTunes release, “Flourish” is out there.  Personally, I really love having something to hold in my hands…a case, a sleeve, a cover…call me old-fashioned.  I’m the same way with books (e-readers just aren’t the same….am I right?!) so yes, I have CDs, even though my students literally don’t even know what those are…hahahaha!!!  Message me if you want one….if you are in Calgary we can meet up, or if not I can mail one to you (speaking of old-fashioned…)!

4 days ago was my big day.  Maybe my biggest day.  I have given myself a few days to just chill and relax and basically do nothing (except for yesterday when I watched a documentary on hoarding – don’t ask me why – and had some anxiety about my messy house and spent a few hours cleaning….) and now I am ready to do some reflecting.

I have SO MUCH to say.  So very much.  I’m not too sure where to begin.

I guess I will start with my overwhelming gratitude.

To say I am grateful doesn’t really even come close…I have never felt so much love and support in my entire life.  And that is saying something, because I am a very, very blessed woman…I have an incredibly supportive network of people in my life, and I have for years.  But Wednesday night was….next level.  I was blown away by how excited people were to be there for me.  Many of the people who came had never really even heard me sing…I mean, for all they knew I could have been a horrible singer!  And not just the people who were physically there with me that night….I have felt all the love and support from those of you who couldn’t be there in person.  I am completely flabbergasted and teary-eyed just knowing how many people are in my corner.

I am insanely grateful to my team…my tribe…my people.  I have to start with the ladies who did more than I am even aware of, just to make my special night so amazing.  CATHERINE.  This woman.  She is an event planner extraordinaire…when the you-know-what hit the fan, multiple times and in multiple ways…she just took care of it with her crazy event-planner voodoo magic.  I literally cannot even imagine the meltdown(s) I would have had without her.  She was SUCH a lifesaver.  TIFFANY. From being my #1 cheerleader and bestie through this process, to doing my hair, to stepping in and helping with all kinds of odd jobs and details that night, to forgiving me when I totally snapped at her for no reason (I was highly emotional…sorry T…love you)…no way would this have happened without her.  RACHEL.  My sister. So supportive, so encouraging, and such a willing helper.  From set up to ticket taking, cleaning up, and offering to help me with some next steps now that the album is released…so thankful for her and so proud to be the big sister of such a lovely, servant-hearted woman. JENNIFER.  This beauty totally set my mind at ease when she agreed to host/MC the night.  She is a complete natural with a crowd and did an amazing job, even when I basically gave her no specific information until minutes before the show (Tiffany helped with that part, too…). I am super excited to team up with Jennifer for an upcoming women’s encounter/retreat weekend in Calgary….you should totally come (unless you are a man…)!!!  Check out the details HERE.  NICOLE. She couldn’t make it until almost the very end of the show because her own little rock-star had her first ever piano recital (and those are a big deal….I remember!!) and she STILL showed up and ran around helping with cleaning up, organizing, running and grabbing things that I needed, and just being there.  


Catherine, me and Tiffany.  Photobombed by Dave.


My fam-jam!!! Rachel and I exchanging stink-eye in the front, like we do!


Me and Jennifer!

MY BAND.  Oh goodness…the gong show it was to get a complete band and actually get all of us in the same physical location for a rehearsal.  Good grief.  But it happened, and they ROCKED it.  Playing your own music live with a killer band is basically the best ever.  To Lucas, Jay, Dave and Glenn….thank you for musically having my back.  Special shout out to Lucas who doubled as the sound guy and even transported and set up basically everything that made the show possible.  Total. Life. Saver.  Oh, and he recruited Luke, who played some tunes during the intermission and totally rocked it.  Thanks to Luke! So special to have you on board that night!


Band of crazies….

No offense people, but the gratitude I feel for you doesn’t hold a candle to the gratitude I have for my Creator, my Father, my Savior.  Everything good in my life is from God.  The gift of music?  From God.  The idea for this album?  From God.  The connections with my producer, musicians, photographer, videographer, designer…all from God.  The time and money to pursue this dream?  From God.  All of it…every single step.  All of it is from God, and for God.  My heart’s desire is that those who already know Him would be encouraged and drawn nearer to His heart, and that those who do not know Him yet would come to know Him, or at least learn something about Him.  My songs are about His goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, His peace, His joy, the strength that He provides….  These songs are my testimony, my story…but also…they may be your story too.  Maybe the lyrics resonate with you because you’ve been through hard times but been able to lean on God and let Him walk you through it.  Or maybe you are facing a hard time right now…lovely friend, He’ll be there for you too.  All you have to do is ask.  Send me a message if you don’t know what that means and I would be HAPPY to talk more about it.  Ecstatic, even.

Being up on that stage a few nights ago….I felt completely at home.  My thought was, This.  I was MADE for this. I felt so comfortable, so happy, so at peace.  I only time I have had that much fun was in the studio recording the same songs I was playing live!  What a ride.  What a dream come true.  I’m sitting here shaking my head saying…did that happen??  Is this real life???  So so so grateful.

So, now what?

If you ask me when my second album is coming out, thinking you are being really clever and original……you are not.  ; )  I have probably been asked that about 50 times (and just between us….I have been doing some writing…..shhhh…don’t tell)!

Now the real work begins.  But actually.  Now I keep spreading my music as far and as wide as I possibly can.  I am so very excited for what is ahead, even though I have NO IDEA what that is…if this process has taught me anything, it’s that God is 100% worthy of my trust ALL THE TIME and in EVERY part of my life.  Now, I’m not saying it’s always easy to put my trust in Him, but I know that He is trustworthy.  I know that He has good plans for me.  And I can rest in that.  If my album never makes it outside my circle of friends, family and colleagues?  That’s ok.  If it is commercially successful?  That’s ok.  If this is just some kind of stepping stone into something completely different?  That’s ok too!  Whatever God has for me…I welcome it.  The Bible tells me that He can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).  I have a WILD imagination, so I am giddy with anticipation at what God has got on the horizon for me.

Please keep telling your friends, inviting them to check out my Facebook page, reposting my promo video (ooooh….and Sam was there capturing footage, so there will be more videos in the future!!!), and watching for upcoming shows and events. Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.

And finally…..this glorious cheeseburger.  I made a comment between songs about how hungry I was up there.  I was SO nervous….like….SO VERY VERY VERY NERVOUS that I didn’t really eat anything that day.  But once I got on stage and got the first song under my adorable favorite yellow belt (actually), I was totally fine and suddenly ravenously hungry.  So…this happened after the show.  : )


Glorious Cheeseburger!

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