I am usually pretty good with words.  As a songwriter, lyrics are kinda my thing…and I enjoy other forms of writing too.  Anyone who knows me well will agree that I am a talker…in fact, sometimes (or possibly more than sometimes) it can be pretty hard to get me to shut up.  As a teacher I do a LOT of talking.  Sometimes my students even listen!  ; )  I also enjoy public speaking and have started presenting at teaching conferences.

And yet, somehow I am struggling to find words to express how I am feeling right now.  I suppose it is many different things.

There is excitement.  Like…the crazy, vibrating, over-the-top, kid-on-Christmas-Eve kind.

There is disbelief. How…..just, how??  How is this even happening?  How did I even get to this point?  How is this my life right now??

There is fear.  This whole process has been hugely risky, and I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t afraid.

There is gratitude.

There is so much gratitude.

When I look at the team of people I have been working with I get a little bit teary-eyed.  It has been a huge honour that these incredible men and women would agree to come on board with me like they have.  Each of them has brought their incredible skills and talents to the project and have contributed to making this album what it is.

Posted below is my new promo video for the album.  I love that my whole team is represented in this video.  Sam, the incredible videographer and mastermind behind the whole thing….making me look so legit!!  Steve, the producer who is basically a musical psychic and somehow managed to take my songs and bring them to life in a way that is both everything I dreamed and beyond what I knew was possible.  Kristina, my beautiful friend and amazing photographer who patiently and expertly shot an album cover that perfectly captures who I am and what the album is in a single photograph.  Mickayla, the designer who created an incredible album cover, case, disc, and more…somehow making exactly what I didn’t know I wanted from my incoherent and all-over-the-map ramblings in Starbucks.  : )

Here it is…my “Flourish” promo video, featuring “You’ll Never Give Up On Me” which is on the album!  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “ALBUM RELEASE in 31 days!!!
  1. Wow!! I have been blessed to work alongside you for a few years. I have seen so many of your creations and to hear you sing with such passion on this album brings showers of tears to my eyes! Congratulations on this journey! Blessings heaped upon you sweet Sara!


  2. We are so proud of you! Thank you for sharing your music with us and the world.


  3. Dan and Jane Rempel

    Very nice. We will be sure to buy.


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