After a couple of quieter weeks I was back in the studio today to see how things are coming along and to make some plans for the next steps.  There are so many little steps that go into this process…and so many steps in the production process that I am not even aware of!  I couldn’t be happier to be working with Steve at Studio D…he is a total genius and is making these songs come alive in a way that exceeds my expectations.

It is pretty emotional…sitting on that big comfy leather couch in the studio, listening to myself sounding better than I have ever sounded, accompanied by the most incredible musicians, and making music that is just so darn good I can hardly believe it is mine.  And we are just a couple months away from this whole thing being finished.  Finished!!!

Well…I am feeling rather emotional and could continue to gush, or I could just stop and let you watch the video.  Here is a little snippet of one of my songs.  This is unmixed, and portions are unedited.  So, it’ll sound even better when it is all done!  Enjoy, share, spread the word, pray for me, and keep checking back for release date and release show details….they are coming soon!!!

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