Last weekend was the Family Day long weekend.  I am lucky to have my Mom and siblings close by, and we all got together for a visit.  For some reason I really wanted to look at our old photo albums so I pestered my Mom until she agreed to dig them out.  : )

Let’s just say that my childhood and the childhoods of my 3 siblings are all very well documented.  There are A LOT of pictures (or as my younger siblings used to say…”a lot and a lot”)!!  We had the best time sorting through hundreds of photos, laughing and reminiscing.

As I am in the middle of recording my first album, which is proving to be quite an emotional process, I became quite overwhelmed when I found photos of myself as a little girl singing in church or playing the piano.  It took me right back to that time, remembering how nervous I was to get up and sing with my sister in front of the whole church, or at our Great Grandparent’s Anniversary.  My bony little knees would be shaking, my stomach would be in knots, and I don’t know how I ever managed to make a sound, let alone sing a song.


Singing “you are my sunshine” at my Great Grandparent’s Anniversary party


A Christmas duet with my sister, and my Mom playing guitar

I remember the disbelief and excitement when I saw our piano for the first time (the piano I have in my own living room now!!) and how over the moon I was to start lessons at the age of 9.  I would play at a recital, or in a church service and I would be so nervous, my hands would be shaking.  But how I loved to play…and still do!


Practicing piano


playing piano at church

As I got a little bit older, I went from singing duets with my sister to singing more solos at church.  Though I still deal with nerves before performing, the stage fright got a bit more manageable and I started to actually enjoy singing for people.


singing a solo at church…they wanted me to dress like a “poor kid”…(don’t ask)

My earliest memory of writing music was around the age of 6.  I have a notebook from back then, containing some of my first songs…they are terrible, and terribly adorable!  I started to write more and more in high school and found myself in full singer-songwriter mode, wondering if I could ever do it “for real”.  In Grade 12 I found the courage to perform at various school functions, like our school’s Variety Night.  I will never forget that night…I was so proud of my song and singing it on that stage with all those spot lights on me was such an amazing and crazy feeling…I couldn’t even see the people in the front row.  It was so quiet in that auditorium and I couldn’t quite believe that hundreds of people were so tuned in to my song.  It was a very personal and emotional song, and an incredible moment.  I think that is when I really fell in love with sharing my music.


Grade 12, Variety Night…that’s me in the middle!

Sifting through these photos was such a timely reminder of where this journey started for me.  I have always loved music and it is such a big part of who I am.  And now I am just a few months away from releasing my first FOR REAL album.  I could not be more grateful!!!

One thought on “A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane…
  1. I remember that night! I loved that song so much! And of course you! I’m so proud I could spit! It blows my mind that my best friend in the world in high school is recording an album! Beyond cool to watch you living the dream we talked about way more years ago than I’m willing to admit.


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